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Top Ten Revenge Stories

1. Cheating Boyfriend - Empty Garage
I lived with a British guy for two years. I thought we were crazy about each other. We had such fun. He treated me like a queen. During the final 6 months of our relationship, his ex girlfriend came back from overseas and started needing "light bulbs changed" and all sorts of other after hours services. His behaviour got nastier and nastier, but sometimes more loving than ever before. I was so confused. Of course he denied anything was going on when I asked him if he was seeing her. Hetold me I was going nuts to believe he was cheating and over the months my intuition was rightly telling me he was, but he was so sneaky that I just couldn't prove it. After three months of this, I was seriously traumatised - and then I decided to find out for myself, realising he wasn't strong enough to be honest. One Saturday my dog and he "went shopping" (he hated shopping) and I followed his car, only to see him fetch her and her son from a previous marriage. I followed them again and
watched them set up a picnic in the local park, obviously settling in for the afternoon all cozy and kissy under a blanket. It really hurt.

Now the house we lived in had three separate garages, there was an inter-leading door between his two. He always kept the empty one locked and when I wanted to used it to store stuff in it, he suggested the stuff would be safer inside the house. He always told me the 3rd garage was empty.

Well, while they were happily picnicking, I hired a bunch of keys from the local locksmith and opened up the 3rd garage. It was packed to the roof with her boxes. So I spent the rest of the day distributing the boxes to the local orphanage, places of safety and tramps on the street. It took me almost 4 hours. I was exhausted and somewhat guilty but my over-riding feeling was a mixture of relief and justice.

A few weeks later, he had been out "shopping" again and came home to "fetch his bank card" (which I had seen him take with him) I was planting seedlings in the garden. He stood next to me looking so pale that he was almost yellow - no colour in his sweet little lying cheeks. He asked me if I had been in the third garage. I replied, "What would I want to do in there? It's empty, isn't it?"

Empty it was.I moved out a week later.

2. Ongoing husband torture-
Whenever he does something horrible or mean, I do spiteful little things he never knows about.
I have scrubbed the toilet with his toothbrush, blew my nose on his pillow, stuffed his dirty socks in his pillow case, spit in his food, flicked cigarette ashes into his coffee and even peed in shoes. He has never known any of the evil things I have done and we've been together for 8 yrs. I warned him early on- don't mess with me.I'm a bitch!

3. My ex boyfriend was a controlling self centered individual who believed that I would be loyal to him even when he left me for a Scottish wench!
As they say revenge is a dish best served cold and ten months later when he is e mailing his friends and contacts off the e mail address I set him up he still had not changed his password ! Stupid silly male!

So after finding out the answers that us girls need to know regarding this new relationship, I decided to teach him one last little lesson! Security!
So tomorrow morning when he decides to catch up with his mates and e mails his current girlfriend when she is working away guess what?
The computer says NO!
Access denied!
Oh poor baby won't be able to contact his friends or the girlfriend! Crying shames boo hoo! and if he reads this yes it was me!

4. Well started 6 months ago, met someone online, and since day one ive been played and just found out now, What happened was started speaking, then phone calls last hours, soon enough she told me she loved me, I fall for the patter, well met not long ago, she was up in the area for a reason, she met took het to the coast/beach had a great day. Then next day she ended it. ??Well stupidly enough for her she said all her passwords where the same, so I reset her hotmail password, then checked through emails to everything she had subscribed too, then sent password reminders and about 5/7 passwords were the same, so I reset the pass to the orginal one and lucky enough everything was in there phone records etc and found out as she as I dropped her back off she was on the phone to another bloke, so I know the bloke's number, set up a well known messenger acount in a random name set up an well known mobile phone provider in a random name and going to leave it a week or two then send this bloke a text saying ... Yeah beep beep great isnt she, dripping wet when I slide my hand into her etc and so on? I havent done it yet .. What does anyone think?

5. My husband got tangled up with a text message and phone fling with one of my friends. I caught on after a couple of weeks, but had no proof for about 6 wks until I could get my hands on phone bills and there were over 4000 texts and several calls over the course of about 9 wks. I confronted him and he admitted everything. He says there was nothing more than the phone thing...still not 100% sure, but still doing some investigating and trying to get my hands on the actual text print out, but it looks like it will take a court order to do that!! GRRR! I have put him thru pure hell all summer and finally did get a little revenge on her as well...although I plan to do more.
She has very long hair that she takes such pride in so I knew I had to do something to ruin it. I went to a local bath and body shop and purchased the trial sizes of shampoo, conditioner and leave in hair shine serum, as well as some cologne and lotion to make it look legit . I made up a pretty gift basket with all the goodies and left it on her porch from a secret admirer...but not until I had a little fun with the shampoo, conditioner and serum. I poured each out in a bowl, removed a good portion of it and replaced the volume with Nair hair remover. Then placed some of the original product just in the neck of the bottle to make it smell as it should. Needless to say, she fell for it, used the product and now has some broken and fried hair! It thrills me everytime I see her now! I still have some revenge to get, but haven't gotten all the details worked out on that yet.

6. Okay,once I workeda at this HORRIBLE place. It was a charitable organization run by women who were like The Devil Wears Prada, except they were bored stupid rich housewives and not career types. They just wore designer duds, while they sh*t on me all day because since I had to WORK for a living I MUST be scum. They couldn't even think of anything for me to do so I read novels all day, while trying to suggest projects that would actually get them off their fat lazy asses (I was supposed to do PR). They rejected all my ideas so I sat in my little office across the hall and read more novels while looking for another job and they continued to sh&t on me. Finally after six months, I was depressed, not sleeping, and fed up and decided to leave. In the week leading up to my decision, I used up as much paper in the copier as I possibly could. I went into the file drawer and completely mixed up every single file, putting each one in a totally different drawer. On the last day, I went into this cabinet which was in my office across the hall. They had all sorts of archives in there which they had been INTENDING to file away; archives of the organization dating back like 60 years, original photos and papers and documents. I grabbed as many of them as I could and transported them down the street and dumped them in various trashbaskets. I did this for the last two days I worked there. Then I told them I was leaving. After that I put a voodoo curse on the whole organization. A few months later there was a huge scandal involving their president and embezzled funds. I lost six months out of my productive adult life for those witches, whatever misery they ended up with was just good old Karma.

7. I should have listened to his friends when they told me not to get involved with him, but I was young and stupid, and the bad boy seemed appealing. We had a casual thing going for a short time; when I say casual, it was all on his terms, he was the one who wanted casual. He revealed very little of himself; I thought he was dark and mysterious, but it turns out that he was just a lying, cheating, self-absorbed wanker!

When I tried to get a little more serious, he shut me down, ignored me, didn't call. I assumed that it was over. He had never given me an explanation, so I had no understanding of what had gone wrong. I discovered later that he actually had a pregnant girlfriend, and unbeknown to me, I was the 'other woman!'

We used to frequent some of the same clubs and pubs, so even after being dumped I would still occassionally see him (and ignore him) across a dimly lit room. Every time I saw him, he would ask for his 'things' back, (over the course of our 'courtship' he had left quite a few clothes at my place). One particular evening before going out with my friends, I put his clothes, all his custom t-shirts, in the boot of my car; I had every intention of giving them back to him if/when I saw him later. Sure enough there he was in all his arrogant unglory, and sure enough, he looked at me and grunted something in my general direction about me returning his clothes. I walked out to the carpark, took his clothes out of my car, and put them in a pile on the ground. My best friend and I laughed and cried as we set a match to his precious possessions and watched them go up in flames! We waited until they were a mere mound of ashes, which I then collected in a glass jar. Taking the jar inside the pub with me, I spied him standing at the bar with all his friends gathered around. I walked over to him, slammed the jar full of ashes down on the bar in front of him and exclaimed "There's your fucking clothes!!!" Needless to say he was stuck for a quick comeback. I turned and walked away as his friends, struggling to hide their amusement, roared with laughter!

8. I lived with a guy for about a year. I thought he was a perfect guy. Until I realized he had a sexual addiction. Our sex life was great. We had sex just about every day. I didnt see anything unusual in this. Well... I always took care of all the bills and kept a log of when the bills came in, when they were due, how much they were and when I paid them. One day going thru the log I realized we hadnt got our phone bill. I asked him about it since the phone was in his name and he said he would call and find out where it was. A week later still no phone bill. He said he called and they were supposed to send out another one. So I started getting suspicious and called myself pretending to be his wife and asked about the bill. The customer service rep said that the phone bill had already been paid. I told her I couldn't find the bill and needed it for tax purposes and asked if she would send again. Well he got it out of the mail before I got home, but I saw that it was in his work bag. My friend was over so I told her I would umm distract him and I asked her to get the bill out of the bag and write down the numbers and put it back. Needless to say it was alot of sex line calls. I confronted him and told him that if he needed someone to talk dirty to him to give me a tape recorder and I could do that for free LOL. He said he was sorry and that it would never happen again. He worked nights and about 2 days later he got off work at 6am and went in the bathroom to take a shower. Just then the phone rang. It was a girl asking for him (She sounded very surprised that I answered) I asked who it was and she said a friend. So I went and got him before he got in the shower and told him there was a phone call for him. He asked who it was and I told him what she said. He picked up the phone and said. "Hello.. Hello" then hung up. He said no one was on the line. And went and got in the shower. a few minutes later the phone rang again and it was her. She asked me if I was his wife. I said no but that I was his girlfriend and we had been living together for about a year. She was irate. She said that he told her he was single but was suspicious when he wouldn't give her his phone number, so she called information and got it. How stupid of him to have the number listed. After talking to her for a few minutes he got out of the shower I asked her to hold on a minute and put the phone down behind some books and in my sweetest loving voice I asked him to join me in the kitchen. When he sat down I reached over and picked up the phone and asked. "So when was the last time you were with my boyfriend?" His jaw just dropped. He knew he couldnt get out of it. So he just stormed off. At that very moment I started plotting revenge. Him being the way he was, always thought he could buy his way out of his problems. So later that evening he said that I needed a new car and that we were going to go get one the next day. My friend stayed the night with us and since she wasnt a morning person was left to sleep while we went and got a new car (which he paid for in cash) When we got back my friend said that the girl had called again and was supposed to call back. Just then the phone rang, it was her. I pretended it was someone else and told her that we were getting ready to go to the mall because he thought I should get a new wardrobe along with my new car. She said she would meet us there. As we were walking up to the mall she came up and told him that she wanted her pictures of her and her kids back. He tried to act like he didnt know her. I grabbed his wallet out of his pocket, went thru it and handed her back her pictures. He was furious. He threw $500 at me and told me he would wait in the truck. I had no reason to be mad at her because she obviouly didnt know about me, so I took her shopping with me and even bought her a new pair of shoes with his money. That night.. after he went to work. My friends and I went to an adult bookstore and bought an all male gay magazine. We went thru it and found a sex line number. We called and of course a gay guy answered. I told him that no we didnt want to talk to him but I was just going to lay the phone down and I would hang up when I was finished. Well.. 8 hours later when I was done packing all of my stuff (and putting it in my new car) I returned to the phone and thanked the gentleman for his time. He laughed and said you're welcome (the phone bill came up to over $13,000). I took the magazine and put it in the nightstand on my side of the bed because I knew he would never open it. New girlfriends are very nosy and I knew it would be found. About a month later I was at the bar he and I frequented when we were together and several girls came up to me and asked if he was really gay. I asked how they found out and they said a friend found a gay mag in his nightstand. It took all I had not to laugh and with a straight face I said "Why did you think we broke up" and walked away. The rumor went around and got so bad that he had to move out of town.

9. My boyfriend (let's call him Jerkoff) and I had been together for 21 years! (I did not want to get married, and it worked for us.) At least, it worked until last February. I saw about 40 cell phone calls, all about a minute in length between the hours of 9 and 11 p.m. when he was in New York on a so-called "business trip." When he returned I went through his briefcase and sure enough, there was a list of women's names, phone numbers and escort websites along with the note: "30th & Lexington" (where he met one of his hookers). He swore it was stupid, juvenile (he's 62 years old!), and he would never do it again. He begged my forgiveness and bought me flowers, jewelry and clothes for four straight months. Now this week I see an AOL icon on his computer desktop where there was none before. We share our email with each other (that way, ensuring both people are totally transparent after this bit of distrust occurred). I log into AOL and sure as heck, he has not ONE but TWO secret email accounts, both connected to the website (I found out about the other email account after emailing him under the name Victoria Luscious and having him respond to me--the idiot! Now his computer contains PC Pandora and his car a GPS so I can obtain his every move and once I have all the info in my hands, I'm going to invite him to see me in New York (as Victoria, of course). I will notify the police in advance that a man will be waiting for a hooker in a particular area, have them set up a decoy, and nail his sorry ass but having him arrested or at least temporarily handcuffed and fined. After I go on a shopping spree with his credit card, I plan to hand him back his own sorry emails and any other evidence I can, and then kick his butt out once and for all...but only after I make him grovel for a few weeks so I can obtain more goodies from him.

10. So about 2 years ago I broke up with my boyfriend, Davi of 3 years who cheated on me on the average of twice a month (all different girls) and played me for $8000. Which he still never paid me back! Well it came down to one last time, Melissa, being my 'friend'. I had no choice I was done with it. So after cutting him loose. I thought I was ok, but I wasn't. I was in a bar every night getting trashed and watching my life go down. It was the first time I ever got my heart broken. So I thought I'd get revenge. I dated his best friend for almost a year. That didn't get to him. Jokes on me he's in jail now. So after cutting the 'best friend' loose, Me and Davi actually became Friends. After sleeping together a few times (behind Melissa's back) I saw an opportunity to hit him where it hurt! His FiancÚ Melissa caught him up in some lie, posted "I'm a scumbag that lies to his fiancÚ' all over his page. So I sent her an email asking if she found out about me and him sleeping together, or about all the other girls he told me he cheated on her with. along with the password to my cell phone account to check and see how many times he calls me. Well Mr. Davi offers me a $100 to get on 3-way, lie and tell her that it's all not true! Well I gave her a call let her know the scoop. She sat on the phone (which was rested between my boobs in my bra) when he showed up and she listened to him say how he's so mad at me for telling her everything, how he regretted sleeping with me because now he's screwed and basically blew up his own spot. Well he gave me the $100 - We made the call. And as soon as the phone hung up.. All I hear on his end is YOU F@%*ING LIAR!!! I Heard EVERYTHING BEFORE THAT! ALL OF IT!!! 'click'. He turns to me and says. 'I can't believe you did that. You lied to me..' I turned to him and said. 'It sucks to be lied to don't it, but Hey! Thanks for paying me to tell her the 'truth'! I guess it REALLY does pay to be honest!' LOL
This just happened so I don't know where it will go from here. but I'm sure it's over now.. He He He He! Life is good

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