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Stressed out by love, life and relationships?
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Soldier ImageQuestion 1: Revenge is best described as:

    a. Childish
    b. Demeaning
    c. Unhealthy
    d. An old and honorable tradition that can help alleviate stress And restore balance.

Answer:  If you chose a, b or c, this is definitely not the place for you! The answer is d.

Question 2: If someone you did wrong packed raw fish in your hubcaps, resulting in a mysterious foul stench emanating from your car, would you think this was:

    a. Heinous behavior
    b. Wild justice
    c. A sign of a sick mind
    d. Stupid
    e. Evidence of a good sense of humor

Answer: You've chosen b if you're into this Revenge thing.

Question 3: You find out your wife or husband has been carrying on a longtime affair behind your back.  When you confront him or her, you're told it's your fault, that you had driven your spouse out of the marriage and into the arms of another. How do you react?

    a. You blame yourself for failing to make your spouse love you and jump off a freeway bridge.
    b. You get very depressed and eat like crazy to comfort yourself.
    c. You become an alcoholic
    d. You say nothing and act like nothing's happened as you slowly let it eat you up inside.
    e. You take up with the handsome U.P.S. man (or woman).
    f. You plead with your spouse to enter couples counseling where you figure out what you have done wrong while your spouse secretly continues the affair.
    g. You kick your partner out and have no further contact.  You start divorce proceedings and hire a killer lawyer.

Answer:  If you selected any answer but g, forget Revenge, it's not for you.

Question 4: Your opinion of Lorena Bobbitt is best summed up by one of the following statements:

    a. Lorena is a hero of our time.
    b. You gotta admit, she had one hell of a sense of humor.
    c. She was a pathetic abused woman who exploded.
    d. She's a nutcase who should be locked up.

Answer:  If you selected a or b, then sorry, you're not a good candidate for Revenge. Lorena was way over the line and deep into psycho behavior. If you chose d, aren't you being a little harsh? The best answer is c.  And by the way, is it really true Lorena and Stumpy are back together?

Question 5: Select from the following list someone who would never commit Revenge?

    a. Dirty Harry
    b. Michael Corleone
    c. Carrie
    d. Lizzie Borden
    e. Peter Rabbit
    f. Amy Fisher
    g. Mia Farrow
    h. God
    I. None of the above

Answer: The answer is i.  For those who selected God, aren't you forgetting that little cataclysm, Noah's Flood?

Question 6: When Oedipus realized he had slept with his mother and then gouged his own eyes out, he immortalized himself as one of the following:

    a. A poster child for people who take themselves way too seriously.
    b. An early pioneer of lasik eye surgery.
    c. The King of Revenge.
    d. An idiot.

Answer:  You didn't choose c, the right answer?  I'm still not sure you're in tune with this Revenge thing.

Question 7: A man cheats on his girlfriend by sleeping with her mother.  She retaliates by putting head lice in their love bed.  Is this act...?

    a. Just a small taste of what they deserve.
    b. Immature.
    c. Nasty.
    d. Pathetic.

Answer: The correct choice is a.  This couple got off easy, in my opinion.

Question 8: Revenge is totally justified when you are faced with:

    a. Lying
    b. Cheating
    c. Deception
    d. Disrespect
    e. All of the above

Answer:  e is the right answer.  All these offenses cry out for retaliation.

Question 9: The phrase, "Living Well is the Best Revenge" always struck you as:

    a. One of those phrases that sounds good but nobody really believes.
    b. A total crock. The best revenge is to give it back in spades and then live well.
    c. The kind of statement that causes projectile vomiting.
    d. All of the above.

Answer:  The answer is d of course, unless you're Gandhi or John Boy or Melanie in "Gone With the Wind".

You've now found out if Revenge is in your blood. Let's move on to some FAQS

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