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Top Ten Revenge Lists

Top Ten Neighbors from Hell

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1. We have a rental right next to the window leading to my room and the landlord always rents it out to total nutcases. One had a friend he invited over for a drink. He got so beligerent that he was told to leave. Hours later, said friend came back, screaming, cursing and smashing windows. Another time it was rented by the neighborhood wife-beater, who then came over and tried to convince my father that *he* was the innocent party. Yet another time it was rented by a group who always had loud parties on the weekends (one of which kept me up at four am until I called the cops, another of which got out of hand while my mother and I were in the backyard reading, and a beer bottle nearly missed my head).

The more recent neighbors, in comparison, are nice. The only problem I have with them is that their small kids can be a little loud and obnoxious when they play, and the grandfather tends to always wants to chat when I'm busy doing something in the backyard.

2. My new neighbors have only lived here for two and a half months, but it already feels like years. They're dope dealers, so they have their idiot friends pounding on their door all hours of the night, they start screaming at one-another first thing in the morning...waking me up 4 times this week alone...He calls his wife 'you f**king whore' more than he calls her by her real name, they drag furniture, throw dishes, stomp floors and kick doors and walls, and rant and rave like a couple of gorillas NON-STOP!!! The police, and even civillian employees of the police all know these goofs by name, but still can't do anything about it. Frankly, I hope the a**holes get everyone else in the building can finally sleep!!!

3. I have been living in this house for 14 years . About 4 years ago this guy moves in - it all was fine at the beginning but after a couple of months after his arrival I start hearing constant noise. Turns out this guy has an improvised music school and just thought it would be ok to play really loud music and sing 24/7 all day long EVERYDAY even at late hours during the nighttime. So it has been more than once that this guy has literally break my balls, he has singing meetings. The singing is not even good is meanly kids playing "rancheras", and any kind of pop disgusting music. Not only have we asked him many times to turn it off but we once even called the police on his ass , question is , has this make him desist? NOOOOOOOO never he won't quit. I really don't know what to do my neighborhood is pretty horrible a lot of single old women complaining about the most stupid things but since this guy only bothers me no one is helping !!!!!

4. My neighbor downstairs was loudly watching tv with his surround sound. After hours of tolerating this, I asked him to please turn it down. The jerk then started ranting about how I don't own the place and if he sees my son on the property again he will RUN HIM OVER. My son is four and lives here with me. My neighbor is insane.

5. We moved into our home 5 years ago. On our property is a water well that the neighbors have the right to use as well as we do, under an agreement that we signed when we bought the house. The neighbors however think that it's their well and have put a lock on it and set up cameras. Everytime we walk near it they come out and yell harrassment at us. They even took us to court where a judge said that we both have rights to it under the agreement when we bought the house. They are constantly threatening us with legal action even after the judge ruling and they have called the cops on us a few times when we get near the well. I can't do anything to the well as it would violate a court order, but I need to get some sort of revenge on them for costing me all this money in court costs and embarrassment. Any ideas?

6. Two years ago my nazi neighbor started harassing me about a tree in my yard dropping leaves in his yard. He asked me to cut it down. I didn't and it's been hell ever since. He took down my fence which had 12 year old roses growing on it, then he started cutting the branches off the tree on his side of the property hanging in air space. I called the sheriff, took him to court mediation, called code enforcement with no resolution. He is still cutting the branches off the tree when they grow back.

6. I'd like to title my rant "Psycho Grass Lady", for this is the loving nickname we have given our neighbor across the street. This woman is a nutjob! She is in her late twenties or early thirties, lives with a guy we'd swear is her brother because of all the women he has over at the house when she's gone, and she got one of those interior design degrees you print off the internet. Needless to say, this makes her the expert of EVERYTHING!

She had the gall to stand up at a homeowners' meeting BESIDE my husband and tell the homeowners' association she plans to sue the school teacher that lives beside her because she has an INCH more lawn than she has (not the teacher's fault, doofwad! Talk to the builders!) how the Hispanic couple beside us live in squalor (they don't) and how THE NEIGHBORS RIGHT ACROSS FROM HER (us) don't have the right pine needles surrounding their bushes and their grass is always cut too short or grows MUCH too long! She had at least six letters from the homeowners' association sent to us in the short span of two months last year; our grass was too long in three of them, she didn't like the flower pot I displayed in one of them, and our trash can sat out AN HOUR longer than allowed in the bi-laws in the last one (meanwhile her fat arse can't seem to pull the trash cans off the street for days!)

This year I guess she got tired of seeing us get away with "murder" (the homeowners' association can only send letters and can do nothing else if we comply with their requests, the b*st*rds! Why weren't we stoned?) She found a little-known law in town stating if a neighbor complains about your lawn you are found to be in violation of a nuisance law and cited (you have seven days to fall into compliance before fined.) Anyway, last night a POLICE OFFICER shows up and gives us the citation for the grass being long! (I guess, he was confused when he saw our lawn, too!) It scared my six-year-old daughter to death and when she started to cry I was so tempted to go over and punch that fat pig in her fat snout! My daughter actually asked me "Mommy, are they going to throw you in prison....for the grass?"

The only people PGL is friendly to on our block are the only other childless people living in the vicinity. Thank the good Lord this psycho hasn't decided to breed yet! Her kids will be just as nuts! Little Hitler-esque nutjobs going to the neighbors' yards with rulers! LOL.

7. My mother's neighbor, a 55 year never married woman and her "Daddy", have 2 dogs that they pamper take to day spas and such and they have taken a "liking" to a stray they have named. LOL. We have 3 cats, 1 of which is mine. The stray keeps attacking our cats and they won't get him fixed stating "he's just a stray". Mean while we are having to take our cats to the vet and get them repaired all the time where he takes chunks out of their hide. We have both talked to her. Today she told me "he's just a stray" again. I asked if I could get rid of him then. She said well Daddy will be disappointed and I told her that if it was "just a stray" it shouldn't matter then. She got pissed told me I had a nice attitude and slammed the door in my face. I was totally calm with her even though my cat has a HOLE in his head from the "Stray" that I had to pay $50 for at the vet less than the cost of getting one fixed grrrrrrrr Crazy B*@^%"

8. The horrific neighbors right behind us have made it so difficult that my children are intimidated to use their own yard. My dog has been abused by their kids and they insist on having bonfires whereby they burn every piece of rubbish they find, including plastic and treated/painted wood. The squatters that hang about around hurl the most abusive language clearly advertising their lack of education. We planted a hedge for some privacy, but it will be a long time in coming. The home-owner has nothing to worry about; he's due to inherit a bloody fortune, whilst we work our fingers to the bone trying to provide a decent home and family environment for our young children. Very frustrating, but in our extreme housing market, we can't afford to move.

9. Ever since I moved into this building, I knew it would be hell.
The people upstairs have two little idiotic teenagers who find it funny to screw with people's lives. They have a duck that they don't care for, and it forever messes the building. They turn people's hot water off, they play obscenely loud music that isn't even in English, they soak the washing with their dirty water from cleaning their balcony, they screw with the electricity, they cause arguments and fights with the neighbors, they prank call the police, ambulance, fire, taxi, and pizza services to all the apartments, they put things in the letterboxes, they make loud noises at 3 in the morning, they constantly scream at each other in Spanish, they'll try to insult you every chance they get, they'll smash and vandalize anything they can get their hands on, they climb up people's balconies 'because they can', and then they'll claim that they are the only "NORMAL" people in the building. I'm so glad I'm moving in a fortnight (means 2 weeks!), GOOD RIDDANCE. Plus, now I have the opportunity to get them back with some of your RevengeLady pranks!

10. On 19 Feb this year, new tenants moved into the flat upstairs. That was the last time i had an unbroken night's sleep. It's a young tart with 2 kids, clearly of different fathers. She doesn't work and has 3 different men staying over on different nights. I get up at 6 for work. Every night around 10, 11 am the kids start screaming, throwing furniture around, crashing and bashing and making a racket. The telly is so loud i can hear it even with earplugs. Cigarette butts are thrown out of the window into my garden down below. Soiled diapers are dumped outside at the communal front door. I end up picking them up everytime because of the smell. In the mornings i am treated to a blast of music so loud it makes stuff in my flat vibrate. They stole my mail; bank statements, etc. The other day she had a bunch of people over and they stood outside kicking and bashing my door. I live alone and feel vulnerable and intimidated. The police won't do anything because they say technically i am not a victim of crime. The funniest part? I work for the police as a civilian - and nobody gives a SHIT.I can't afford to move away from these assholes.

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