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Stressed out by love, life and relationships?

Dead Fish and Flowers

There's nothing that gets your message across better than a smelly, nasty dead fish! These packages are very popular and are most often sent to ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, backstabbing friends, or anyone who has pissed you off.

1/2 Dozen Dead Wilted Roses
$19.99 + free shipping
This heart-wrenching arrangement lets 'em know how you feel!

1 Dozen Dead Wilted Roses
$24.99 + free shipping
Nothing says how you feel quite like roses. . .Dead!

2 Dozen Dead Wilted Roses
$34.99+ free shipping
This is for someone who really deserves it! The only thing bigger is our monthly special!


1/2 Dozen Dead Rose Stems
$19.99+ free shipping
They're not worthy of the flower? Send 'em  this. . . Just STEMS!

1 Dozen  Dead Rose Stems
$24.99 + free shipping
Twice the message! Stems only!


Dead Flower Assortment
$24.99 + free shipping
Roses are too good for 'em?  Send this!  This assortment is make of a variety of   flowers. . .All Dead!

1 Box of Melted Chocolates
$24.99 + free shipping
This messy treat may be sweet, but melted chocolates cause much grief!

Bad Breath Package
(mouthwash, toothpaste, & letter)
$11.99 + free shipping

Tired of breathing sewage when you talk to them? Send the "nasty" version of the package! 

Body Odor Package
(soap, deodorant, & letter)

$11.99 + free shipping
Their body odor remind you of your last trip to the zoo?  This should help! (nasty version)

1 Dead Smelly Fish
$19.99 + free shipping
Imagine their face when they receive a stinky, smelly, dead fish!


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