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Stressed out by love, life and relationships?

Q: Most relationship experts think Revenge is a throwback concept that's childish and demeaning. How do you respond to critics?

A: There are thousands of relationship experts who blab on about better communication and heightened sensitivity. I say excuse me, it's not working! It's still a jungle out there! We're all still having to deal with the same old garbage - whether it's lying cheating lovers or spouses, ungrateful bosses, cutthroat co-workers or the plethora of rude people we encounter everyday. I say we need to go back to some of the simple old ways to find happiness and balance. Let's celebrate this potent ancient art and restore it to its proper place as a tool for justice, social harmony and personal wellbeing.

Q: When is revenge justified?

A: Revenge should only be used when a person has been treated badly. Lying, cheating and deception, for example, nearly always warrant revenge. But revenge is potent. It should never be used casually or simply to get back at someone when a relationship has ended.

Q: If you're filled with anger, wouldn't it be better to seek professional help?

A: Sure, you could spend a small fortune and a lot of time seeing a therapist. But revenge therapy has many advantages. It's fast and it's cheap and it gives immediate satisfaction. Best of all, you can do it in the privacy of your own home. Revenge Lady suggests a person take all the money he or she might give to a therapist and do something more constructive with it, like take a vacation or buy a juicy new wardrobe or a new car.

Q: What about the Bible's advice to turn the other cheek?

A: Ever notice how virtually any point of view can be found in the Bible? The Bible also advocates an eye for an eye. If you can simply walk away from a bad situation, with no fallout, all power to you. But many of us get stuck in a bad place and find it hard to shrug off blatant wrongdoings. No one wants to end up being one of those sad sacks who go on and on about the people who did them wrong for months, even years in the case of love wounds. Revenge Lady says to get it all out, and then move on.

Q: How do you know how far to go with Revenge?

A: Before deciding how to make your enemy suffer, you must first determine how much they should suffer. The rule of thumb is -- his or her suffering should equal the depth and diabolicalness of their transgressions. After all, every justice system must be built on a solid foundation of ethics and fair play. It's good to come up with a Weapon System from which you can select the appropriate level of response. For example, I use the following system:

  • Level 1 A Pie In the Face
    Level 2 Buckshot in the Rear End
    Level 3 Cannonballs
    Level 4 Bombs
    Level 5 Germ Warfare
    Level 6 Nuclear War
  • Q: I'm into New Age philosophy. Revenge sounds very negative, a way to bring everyone down to a low level.
  • A: Really? I think Revenge fits very well into New Age and similar philosophies. For example, Feng Shui says to get rid of the clutter in our homes because clutter stifles creativity. I say we should look at bad relationships as just so much clutter that we must eliminate. Revenge is an expedient way to sever those ties once and for all. It's as healthy as sweeping the dust out of the corners and getting rid of all the junk in the basement.

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