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Stressed out by love, life and relationships?

The Woman's Book of Divorce

by Christine Gallagher.

The Woman's Book of Divorce
101 Ways to Make Him Suffer Forever and Ever

There's only one way to get over the pain of divorce....and that is to make your ex suffer instead. The Woman's Book of Divorce presents stories of creative post marital revenge escalating from low level assaults to all out nuclear war. Advocating laughter as the best way to heal the grief, anger and depression of a divorce, the book relates mostly true, definitely diabolical stories such as the ex who sold a photograph of her naked ex to a company advertising herpes medication and the crazed divorcee who hired a skywriter to embarrass her ex into paying child support.  This book is an excellent gift for the recently dumped, for anyone contemplating divorce or for any reader who likes a good laugh.

The CONTENTS include:

  • 101 stories of mostly true stories of divorce revenge
  • How to choose the appropriate weapon level - from "a pie in the face" to "nuclear bombs"
  • A Consumer Guide to revenge products and services mentioned  in the stories

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The Woman's Book of Revenge - Chris Gallagher
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The Woman's Book of Divorce - Chris Gallagher
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